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  1. cozmo1

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    IMG_3064.JPG Looking for information and researching an early 1950's German police P35/HP, and this site had good reference material.
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  2. BC LightTwelve

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    Hello, I came across the form looking for parts for my light 12 that my dad passed down to me. I have always thought the A5's were an excellent gun. So much that I came across another light 12 with both the buck and bird barrels I did not even hesitate to buy. Reading through the A5 form has really expanded my knowledge about the A5.
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  3. Mley1

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    I did a google search for “Browning Forums”. This site was the first one to pop up, and I clicked on the link. Glad I did.
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  4. Mark Rigsby

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    I found the site by reading up on bluing for Auto-5's. I've been a Browning fan and owner since my grandfather gave me my first Belgian Auto-5 shotguns (a Magnum 12 and Light 12) when I was 15 (1981). Both manufactured in 1971. He also gave me my first hunting rifle, a beautiful FN Mauser Deluxe 30-06 (Serial number 40XX). I also had many other Browning rifles, pistols and shotguns (T-Bolt .22 (2), Hi-Power 9mm, 30-06 BAR, 7mm BAR, High Wall 1885, 375 H&H... These were stolen by a distant relative when my grandfather passed and I was up deer hunting. No, after nearly 40 years, I haven't been able to get past that. Today, I own A-Bolt rifles in left hand action (My favorite) in .30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag and .375 H&H Magnum. I still have the shotguns and FN 30-06 as they will stay with me forever (A promise made to my grandfather when he gave me all his firearms).
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  5. Seagravedriver

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    Hi! I did a search about my BHP. I am looking to get some work done on it and thought I should find a good group that knows Brownings. This site is it!
  6. Ranger6

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    Thanks for the kind words, there are a good group of folks here. Welcome.

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