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Discussion in 'Discontinued Browning Models' started by TravisInTX, May 22, 2023.

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    I know this request gets made a lot, and I've tried to do my homework to and figure it out on my own, but I need some help dating a High Power Safari that I'm considering purchasing. The serial number is five digits, then a space, and then L72, so it looks like: XXXXX L72

    I've been looking at the table on page 2361 of this reference but it is very poorly worded so I cannot make enough sense of it to be 100% sure.

    It first says that between 1959 and 1962, there was no prefix (numeral-letter) before the serial number. This fits this rifle (there is no prefix to the serial number), but there is a letter/number suffix, which makes me think it doesn't truly fit this description.

    None of the descriptions for 1963 - 1968 fit.

    For 1969, it says "Single letter (Y, Z, or L) followed by last 2 digits of year of mfg." This initially seems like a fit, but 1) this says L72, not L69. Further, the guide specifies "Prefix only," and the L72 code on this rifle is a suffix.

    For 1970 - 1975, the guide states that there is a letter/2-digit code, which is what this rifle shows, but again it states that it will be a prefix - not a suffix, and this rifle has a suffix. Further, the guide shows that "L" is associated with 1971, and this rifle shows "L72."

    Does anybody know how to decipher all this? I'd really appreciate the help because I'd like to know whether or not I'm running the risk of getting a salt stock before deciding whether or not to buy the gun (and/or how much to pay for it). The current asking price is $1,200, (300 Win Mag, good condition).
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    I’m going to guess that the guide is wrong in this instance. Also, if this is the NRA guide, it is accurate mainly for US imported guns. World Market guns may be marked differently.
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    Thanks for the reply. As best as I can tell, this guide is supposed to be relevant to this rifle, however I have read about a few exceptions - particularly for makes early in the serial number range. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything more definitive.
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