GP Competition Model conversion

Discussion in 'The Workbench: Builds And Modifications' started by CrossTrainer, Jan 30, 2024.

  1. CrossTrainer

    CrossTrainer Copper BB

    I have a 1981 Browning GP Competition Model 9mm and would like to know how to change it to a 4.7" barrel and matching slide.
    Thanks for the insights.
  2. REP943

    REP943 Copper BB

    you've got a real gem on your hands! A 1981 Browning GP Competition Model is a piece of history. Converting it to a 4.7" barrel and matching slide, might be a bit of a challenge. the GP Competition model is quite different from standard Browning Hi-Power pistols, and swapping out the barrel and slide might not be a straightforward process.

    You might end up with a heavier trigger pull and potentially run into compatibility issues with the sear lever and lifter. Plus, spare parts for the GP Competition model can be hard to come by, so if anything breaks or gets lost during the conversion process, you might have a tough time getting the gun back to working order.

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