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    I suppose it's appropriate to introduce myself briefly before I start tryin to pick your brains, so this is my first post. I am a 64 year old, recently retired attorney, married for 39 years, 2 grown sons, one granddaughter and another on the way. I am not a gun collector, but I do collect vintage stereo equipment, guitars, golf equipment, etc., etc., so I DO have the hoarder/collecore/equipment junkie gene. My father passed away about 18 months ago, and although he had already sold all of his Walther PPK handguns (his primary collecting interest), he did leave behind a 1977 Browning superposed, about which I have some questions in order to help me decide whether I should view this as an opportunity to start a collection, or to just sell it to someone who will appreciate it more than I will. I'll post the details and pics over on the Superposed-specific forum, just wanted to say hey, so: Hey!
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    Welcome sir, thank you for introducing yourself and for joining.
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    Welcome aboard . Nice intro
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    Southwest Idaho, formerly from the south side of Chicago, says Hi and Welcome. A great bunch of people here, zero drama, and a tonne of information here regarding any Browning.
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  5. Please elaborate on the golf equipment angle.

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