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  1. Chad Owen

    Chad Owen Copper BB

    I just ordered a bag, its a GPS Sporting clays bag and it came with these choke tube vials. Well my Invector DS extended chokes are a tad to long to fit in the vial. I was wondering if anyone knew where to find some vials that my chokes will fit in.

    attached a pic of the bag

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  2. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest

    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum Chad !!

    Sorry, I can't help you with your question...but perhaps one of the members here will know.

    Enjoy the forum...!!
  3. lead-fouling

    lead-fouling .22LR

    Chad that's a nice bag!

    I have Invector Plus extended chokes (from Briley) and I leave my chokes at home when I go sporting. Light full and Extra Full is all I ever use!

    Anyways, I actually had a ex-misus of mine sew me a custom leather choke holder because I could not find a satisfactory one!
  4. Rob poston

    Rob poston .270 WIN

    I have a friend who uses prescription bottles for his. He even made some Rx labels that says "prescribed for DUCK", "GOOSE", "SKEET", etc. Just be sure to cut off the locking tab so you are not fighting it during those cold-weather days when you are wearing gloves.
    (Note that his tubes are short little Briley tubes, and might not work with longer tubes such as Optima HP, Invector DS, etc.)
    Sorry about the revival of the dead-thread society.
  5. Norske

    Norske .410

    I have a small partitioned plastic box for fishing lures that works really nicely for choke tubes.
  6. Coyote56

    Coyote56 .410

    Look into the coin tubes used for storing nickel and/or quarters.
    Available at most hobby or coin collection stores. Amazon also is a possibility
  7. Big Max

    Big Max .22LR

    I use old prescription bottles and small fishing lures boxes. I have a box for each shotgun and label the box for each gun with a taped on piece of 3x5 card. They don't get mixed up that way. If I am out in the weather such as waterfowl season, I do put them out and make sure they are dry and lubricated. Big Max

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