Can you remove the magazine safety?

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  1. On other forums, regarding other guns, sometimes when the magazines won't lock back it is caused by the dreaded magazine safety. On those other guns it is fairly easy to remove the mag safety and then the slide locks back when the mag is empty.

    Has anyone removed the magazine safety from their 1911-380 -- AND IF SO -- does it help with the common slide not locking back issue? OR does is mess up the functioning of the gun?

    I'm thinking that my new 1911-380 will wind up going to my local gun smith for some adjusting and want o get as much information as I can. It shoots very accurately and I don't want to send it back to Browning for fear it will come back not shooting to POA. I prefer to pay "the man who knows what he is doing" to get her in perfect shooting shape for me.

    This gunsmith fixed my P238 safety levers so I can actually flick them on and off with my weakened fingers - another gun smith made a very small adjustment but not enough to help me. This one knows his business! He's not cheap, but he is "that good."
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  3. Thanks, Jim, for the information. For now I'm going with "It if works, don't fix it" and so far it is working.
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    I did not remove it on my three frames.
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    BTW, if your mag is removed so the gun doesn't fire, just press and hold the mag release button, and it will.
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