BSS side by side 20 gauge model code #368 question

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    I recently purchased a BSS 20 gauge side by side shotgun. It has 26 inch barrels choked I.C. and Mod. Has a beavertail forend and straight grip English style stock. It has the barrel selector. I went to the Browning Arms website and looked up the manufacturer date code. The gun is stamped RR, which indicates a 1977 date. I looked up the model code and the Browning website has only 1 code listed for the 20 gauge BSS, #168. The code on my gun is #368. That code is not on the Browning website. I looked on the box label to see if there was anything indicated about this code. The box label does indicate a BSS 20 gauge with 26 inch I.C. and Mod barrels, but the serial number on the box does not match the number on the gun. So no help there.

    Just wondering if anyone else has information about this difference in model codes? Looks like a standard BSS with nothing fancy to indicate a higher grade. And it's the box lock, not the side lock gun.

    I'm a 73 year old disabled Vietnam veteran and shot a round of sporting clays with it and broke 81. Good for me with a gun I'd never had in my hands before. And the only side by side I own.

    I plan on using it for doves and quail.

    Just curious about the code that isn't listed on the Browning website.


    Rod Davis

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    Very nice sir. Not sure about the codes you seek but looks like the perfect dove gun.
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    Well, curiosity got the best of me. I've always had really good service out of Browning customer service. So called them today and asked about the item code. They looked it up and the code #168 was for the "standard" BSS 20 gauge with a pistol grip stock. I had one of those years ago and it had that code on it. The code #368 was for the BSS 20 gauge "Sporter" model with the straight grip English style stock. I gave them the serial number off the box label, which doesn't match the gun, and that was from a standard model, and why it didn't designate a Sporter model on the label.

    So nice and happy now. I know what I have and can't wait for dove season to open in just under 7 weeks!

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