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Discussion in 'Browning BLR Rifle' started by Ekaphoto, Nov 13, 2022.

  1. Ekaphoto

    Ekaphoto Copper BB

    I picked up a used blr mid 90 in 308 a while back

    It had good accuracy etc. The problem was no sling attchemnt in front so I pulled off the forearm and drilled it and put on a sling swivel stud.

    After that the accuracy sucked like 2 to three inch groups at 50 yards. Not 100 but 50.

    The forearm was on very tight and I had to really fight it to get it off after removing the screw. Does anyone have and photos on bedding one of these? Any other advice?
  2. JDL

    JDL Copper BB

    If it is a model that doesn't have a barrel band, the swivel screw may be too long and is contacting the barrel. That can really affect the accuracy!
  3. Ekaphoto

    Ekaphoto Copper BB

    I made sure the uncle mikes screw I drilled into did not go all the way through. It does NOT have the forearm band. However you got me to thinking. I wonder if the regular screw holding on the forarm is touching? Something to look at. Thanks.
  4. JDL

    JDL Copper BB

    Try a trick that I've used on the Savage 99. Put a neoprene o-ring between forearm and barrel around the forend screw and just snug it. I also find it best to have the front rest as close to the receiver as possible.
  5. Ekaphoto

    Ekaphoto Copper BB

    Thanks. I will give it a try

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