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    I have noticed that new people are no longer being approved as members, usually I get notifications. Well, the notifications have stopped showing up and now I see a bunch of server errors, that I cannot fix because I do not have access to fix them. What we will do in the meantime is I will approve members that email me with the required information. Please don't register on the site, it will cause problems with the email that you use when registering. What you need to include in the email is your name, age, and a contact email (one you answer), and a screen name that you would like. I will contact you personally, so expect an email, if you do not respond then your membership will not be approved. Sorry that we have to go to these lengths, but spam is crazy, and it will take over the site if certain steps are not followed. I will not share your info with anyone, so please do the same for me. I believe we all get enough spam to the email, so no time for that. If I find that I get a bunch of spam email from this, and it comes from someone wanting to be a member then you're not going to get approved and will be banned.
    This is my personal email at work, so if you are not wanting to be a member or already a member with a problem then please don't waste my time.
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    For the new guys, Ranger 6 is telling it like it is. He is not posting a phishing attempt.
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