your favorite 5 firearms

Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by Noturus, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. ripjack13

    ripjack13 Resident Sawdust Maker Staff Member Administrator

    Well...I don't own one. :oops2:....(yet) But I plan on it....
    I'm a Mossberg guy. I only Admin/run the board here. :read:
    Hence why I never post much over here. Over on the Mossberg Owners Forum, I'm a yappin fool....:laugh:
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  2. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    I don't suppose all the chatter over on the Mossberg forum is about how much better the A5 is than a Mossberg?
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  3. Ranger6

    Ranger6 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator

    I agree with Mr Idaho. I use to carry a mossberg in the military and it served me well. Not my choice of favorite, but it has its purpose and works well.
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  4. ripjack13

    ripjack13 Resident Sawdust Maker Staff Member Administrator

    Hmm. Fixed your post. :noprob:

  5. gomer_pyle

    gomer_pyle .22LR

    My Johnson (the rifle) is the civilian Winfield Arms model. It actually came with an owner's manual. The funny thing is, I haven't seen any pictures of one that looks exactly like mine. Mine has the civilian sights but the stock looks more military than most civilian model pictures I've seen. It's a lot of fun to shoot, maybe more fun than the M1 Garand. The recoil operation is quicker and comes back on target faster than the gas operated M1. I think I would prefer the M1 in combat, though. Too many things can interfere with barrel movement during the Johnson's operation and there are easily lost small parts during field stripping.

    There used to be a wonderful gun store in town that specialized in higher priced collectibles. They also had a wide selection of new and used rifles of all kinds. The Johnson was actually one of their lower priced collectibles. The most expensive I saw, and actually held once, was a $60,000 antique, factory nickle plated, Remington lever action. I don't remember the model. I really miss that store. I used to spend hours just browsing and handling antiques of all kinds.

    edit: My father had a Browning HP made by Fabrique National that had the German eagle/swastika stamps. He bought it from a friend who said he took it off a German officer. The right side of the grip had a gouge in it that went all the way to the magazine housing. The impression I got was that it was hit by a bullet while in someone's hand. Ouch!
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  6. Norske

    Norske .410

    My absolute favorite center fire handgun is a S&W Model 1955 target revolver 45ACP. The Browning Challenger 22 RF pistol with extra Medalist barrel is my best rim fire handgun. I have several Ruger center fire rifles (their stocks fit me perfectly) and a soft part in my heart for the 257 Roberts (two of them) I own. My most accurate game rifles are a Ruger 338 WinMag and a Tikka T3 6.5X55 Swedish. Overlapping bullet holes at 100 meters are common with both. My best fitting shotgun is a 12 gauge Remington model 1196, the lightweight version of an 1187.
  7. Scrumbag

    Scrumbag .410

    Oh for me:

    1) FN Commercial 9.3x62
    2) Browning BPS 12g
    3) Colt Woodsman
    4) Brno Model-2
    5) Possibly my Browning 525 O/U or maybe my FN Commercial 257 Roberts
  8. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    That's really not a Scrumbag list! In fact it is most impressive!:noprob:
    The Woodsman was so elegant and slender much like the Browning Challenger.
  9. Scrumbag

    Scrumbag .410

    Sadly my friend I moved back to the UK and had to sell the Woodsman :(
  10. gnappi

    gnappi .22LR

    Not granular enough :)

    I think it should be fave 5 Shotguns, Rifles and pistols!
  11. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    Good idea! Create a topic on it and see who responds to it.
  12. antman73

    antman73 .410

    I know this is an old post but I find it very interesting. Here’s mine.
    1 Browning Auto 5 made in Belgium
    2 Ruger Blackhawk
    3 Model 99 300 Savage
    4 Colt 1911
    5 Smith & Wesson M&P 380EZ
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  13. gomer_pyle

    gomer_pyle .22LR

    That and a certain model Marlin 336 are at the top of my wish list.
    Good lineup.
  14. In no particular order:
    1. Colt 1911 (Browning, please put into production)
    2. Browning Auto-5
    3. Winchester Model 1895
    4. Marlin Model 1893
    5. Browning Buck Mark (slab side barrel)

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