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  1. I bought the gray stalkers that doesn't have duro touch paid a local gun shop to cerakote my 7mm08 and my .270 in sniper green . The 7mm08 is topped with a trijicon accupoint 5-20x50 and the .270 has a Leica 3.5-15x56

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  2. At 100 yards zeroing trijicon on top of 7mm08 using Hornady custom lite 120grain sst off a bean bag not lead sled

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  3. Look nice for hunting rifles. They all shoot very well. I still like the Tiger Maple stocks by far the best.
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  4. I bought my wife a Maple Medallion Octagon Barrel for Christmas last year , its topped with a Zeiss Conquest HD5
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    lonnie.clevenger.9 Copper BB

    If you find a stock you like I am interested in the one you take off. Thanks

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