What is my Hi Power worth?

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  1. Addison Everett

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    Hello Browning experts. I recently purchased a browning hi power 9mm for my collection, hoping it would increase in value and be worth a little more than I paid for it. After I got it in my possession, I started to wonder if I overpaid for it. Can someone tell me if mine is a true browning and the approximate value?

    It is a 1986 Browning Hi Power, polished blue in excellent shape, made in Belgium. It is very near mint condition. Wood grips
    Serial number starts with 245pt, which the browning website says indicates it is a 9mm made in 1986.
    Serial numbers match.
    One side says Fabrique Nationale, which I understand to mean its made by FN.
    The interesting thing is that the front AND rear sights are fixed. The rear blade sights have a rectangular cutout, which I understand to be true to browning, but they are not adjustable. This made me wonder if it was legitimate.
    Does not have a ring hammer.

    I paid 890 for it.

    Thank you ahead of time to whoever can help me!
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    First, FN had the right to use the name “Browning” for many years, then in the ‘70’s they bought the company. So even if it doesn’t have Browning’s Utah address on it, it’s still a Browning if it was made by FN.

    I dislike Browning’s website, but in this case I agree, 1986. This site is more reliable:
    http://www.nramuseum.org/media/940941/serialization-date of manufacture.pdf

    As for value, the best way to know what guns are selling for is to go to Gunbroker, Advanced Search, Completed Items.

    Oh, I think most Hi Powers have fixed sights. But there seems to be many variations.
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  3. Addison Everett

    Addison Everett Copper BB

  4. Addison Everett

    Addison Everett Copper BB

    Rudolph, thanks a lot for the helpful response. It does have the Utah address on it. I have used gunbroker but didnt know how to find the completed sales so thats very helpful. Sounds like I have a legitimate FN Browning. Now to investigate the actual present value. Thanks again.

    If anyone has any other helpful information it would be much appreciated.
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