What brought you to Browning?

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  1. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    For me it was my good hunting and shooting buddy back in the 70's. He had a Browning auto 5 for hunting foul, I had an 870. He had a Medalist for 22 for target competition and I had Ruger Mark IV. He had an auto Browning deer rifle in 30-06 and I had a Savage 308 bolt action. He always out did me no matter what we shot. It was then I promised myself I would one day have a Browning of my own! Promise fulfilled! I have an 1885 single shot in 45-70 that I will cherish until the day I can give it to my grandson to be passed on for generations ahead! I chose the 1885 because my grandpa had a Winchester 45-70 that we shot together when I was a teenager.
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  2. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .410

    Back in about 1975 or so, I was working as a fledgling gunsmith in Peoria, Illinois. We usually had about 700 guns on the shelves, and for unknown reasons, every time I walked by the shotgun rack, a lone A5 would whisper for me to buy it and take it home. Finally, the voices convinced me to grab it, and I hunted pheasants and rabbits with it for a few years.
    Then, in 1978, my father died, and I inherited all of his guns. Back in the 40s, 50s-60s he was quite the accomplished competition shooter- high power, NRA pistol, etc. (No competitive shotgun stuff, although there were a couple of model 97s mixed in his gaggle of firearms.) I ended up all of his rifles, and pistols he competed with, to include targets, scorecards, EVERYTHING. That A5 evolved into a safe queen.
    Anyway, I moved to Idaho in 1980, and hunted birds for a year or two, and gave up "armed hiking". Life got in the way.
    At a Boise gun show in about 1982, I was walking up and down the rows, and once again, for unknown reasons, as I walked past an A5 I heard it whisper to me. Yep, it came home with me too.

    That's been about 20 A5s ago. Funny thing about it, I own several other Brownings, (a couple of High Powers, a Medalist), and they don't talk to me. Like I said in my intro post---A5s have a soul. Something about'em..... I think I'll go open up a couple of my safes and just sit and enjoy.
  3. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    It kind of seems new members like you and I are the only active ones here and I appreciate you input. Actually my new bride of 6 months and I ventured all the way to Idaho back in 1974 to Coeur d'Alene but couldn't find work so after two weeks went back to Kansas and started over again. No regrets now but we were devastated back then that we couldn't settle in. The 45-70 always whispered to me ever since my grandpa introduced it to me when I was 12 years old.
  4. gomer_pyle

    gomer_pyle .22LR

    I drop in once in a while but you're right, it's usually pretty slow.

    I moved back to this area (Twin Tiers of PA/NY) around 1992 and started collecting some firearms. I bought a Browning Euro-Bolt 7mm Mag for deer because it fit me so well. I'm 6'6" and the Euro-Bolts have a longer pull than most rifles. The problem with the rifle is that it's too long to maneuver easily in the woods and far too loud with the BOSS. I kept looking for a better rifle for still hunting. I wanted a lever action with more oomph than a .30-30. About a week before deer season one year I stumbled on a pre-81 BLR .308 in my favorite gun store. It's turned into my favorite deer rifle because it carries and maneuvers easily, packs a good punch, and is well balanced for quick handling.

    A few years later I went to a gun show with an uncle. I didn't intend to buy anything, I just went to keep him company and drool over the toys. Wouldn't you know, the first table had a Browning Euro-Bolt .270. I had always wanted a .270 and it was such a pretty rifle and fit me like a glove. It's the gun I use for whitetails when I expect to be more on stand in open areas. The BLR is better for sneaking through thicker areas while still hunting.

    I have some other nice guns for hunting but that's how I got my Brownings.
  5. Ranger6

    Ranger6 .270 WIN

    “The best there is come hell or high water”. Welcome to all you new folks. There are times it’s slow but that’s ok, the longer you stick around the more people you will come into contact with.
  6. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    Thanks Ranger6! As I get older I don't get out as much to shoot or hunt. I've had sold off some of my collection. There's a few that I want to have my family inherit and others that don't mean that much to me. The most important however is my 1885 45/70I love that rifle so much! I reckon that's what brought me to Browning more than anything! That and my first rifle (savage crack shot .22) will go to my only grandson.
  7. Ranger6

    Ranger6 .270 WIN

    I like that. All of mine will go to my daughter. She is still a little young but I hope she gets the sickness like her dad. She likes to shoot so there is hope
  8. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    I have two adult daughters. One wants only my Colt Anaconda and the other (who has my grandson) wants what I mentioned before plus a Model 34 Kit Gun. Who knows though, 45/70 government ammo sadly may not even be manufactured or available in 20 years.

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