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Discussion in 'Browning Maxus Shotgun' started by Robert, Jan 28, 2016.

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    What do you all use for a hard case for a maxus i have a hunter. Too bad they do not come with the sport case. Or sell the sport case. browning has a wood case with fake leather for Auto /pump. Any one have this one. Some web sights I go to say a maxus will not fit. Other say all browning autos fit?

    My for grip wiggles left and right. Very noticeable. I dont think a 1300.00 dollar gun should d0 this. My buddys remington 1100 is rock solid. I also went to a store today and looked at another hunter and it does not move. Maybe a little if you really try. Looking down it seams to be tighter to the barrel than mine. On mine looking down on it. there is a noticeable gap. Am I putting it together wrong? I have watch many videos. followed the manuel. Put on guard many times and still loose. I did try one fix on the internet and it worked. put felt on both sides where it touches the barrel. I took it off. Not sure if it would put stress on the forarm? Also, I dont think I should have to rig a brand new gun? Any suggestions?


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    My Maxus came in a plastic hard lockable case.I have the black 3.5 stalker model

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