The Brownings Superposed Ned Schwing

Discussion in 'Browning Superposed Shotgun' started by f5guy, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. f5guy

    f5guy Copper BB

    Finally got a copy of this book, highly recommended. [​IMG]

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  2. win7stw

    win7stw 20g

    I refuse to buy that book because I know I will go down the Superposed rabbit hole like I did with Auto 5’s
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  3. Anatidae

    Anatidae .410

    It’s like reloading your own shells. You don’t save any money - reloading just affords you the ability to shoot twice as much for the same price. You’re going to spend all you can on your pass time, either way.

    A copy of Schwing bought in 1996 for $43.15 (with employee discount) has saved me no telling how much money I would have squandered away otherwise, due to familiarity with the history and details through different periods of production.

    There is a copy for sale for $275 right now. While that seems like a lot, you could stand to be ‘taken’ for much more than that on a Gr I by an unscrupulous seller - or one who is ignorant of the details, and unintentionally misrepresents the item.

    It’s a great resource. Enjoy it.
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  4. f5guy

    f5guy Copper BB

    Have to say the history of The Browning family and business dealings in the beginning is fantastic and looking forward to the rest. From skipping ahead I agree the book will pay for itself when surveying potential purchases going forward. I bit the bullet and got a first edition for $250. Made sure my kids know whats its worth and bet it will double by the time I die.

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  5. Davesch

    Davesch Copper BB

    Glad I bought my copy in the mid-90's at shelf price. $50, I think. With the value of these types of books going through the roof, I think I might take my guns out of the safe and put the books in.:rolleye:
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