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    I currently have my T-Bolt Target/Varmint with a Leupold 3-9x33 rimfire scope mounted with the Browning integrated rings (12338). I'm thinking about changing the scope to a Nikon Prostaff 7 3-12x42 scope. The main problem is that the new scope has a 30mm tube. I'm trying to find a elegant way of mounting this scope. I'd appreciate if anyone had suggestions for a scope base and rings. Thank you.
  2. I own the Prostaff 7 riflescope you are thinking of using. I would not recommend that scope on this rifle. I have that scope on my X Bolt Maple Medalion. Works great there. Poor choice for a T Bolt. Several reasons why. You need the Talley Integrated rings and mounts medium or standard depending on what scope you do use. From Nikon a far better choice for that rifle, and to fit with about the only mount that fits the T Bolt right, the Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II BDC or way better, the Nikon Precision Rimfire 3x9x40 EFR Nikon number 6734. Be advised that scope actually has a outer Objective Bell size of 50 mm due to having parallax adjustment on the outside of that objective. This is by far the sharpest scope for Rimfire like the T Bolt. I use it on my Maple T Bolt .17 HMR Sporter. It is just as sharp as the Prostaff 7 or even better at between 50 and 125 yards. After that they are about the same in terms of light transmission and clarity. The Rimfire II I put on a CZ USA 455 American. Both are accurate rifles. But the Nikon Precision Rimfire is more easy to shoot accurately. Besides right now the scope I am recommending is $149 shipping free at MidWay USA, and from the Nikon store right away. The 30mm scope Prostaff 7 and rings I tried on the TBolt and to me it looked ALL wrong. Having shot them both side by side on a Caldwell DFT Lead Sled, I know this would be by far better and save you money. On an X Bolt I would up the rating on the 30mm mount and ring set up.
    So you need the integrated Talley-Browning mount in MEDIUM if you use the Nikon I used!
    You will love that scope! That is a sale price on that scope so you don’t have more than about a week to make your move.
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