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Discussion in 'Browning T-Bolt Rifle' started by Matthew kay, May 14, 2016.

  1. Matthew kay

    Matthew kay Copper BB

    Hi, i own a Browning T-bolt in 17HMR. Ive been shooting hornady bullets but i cant get any grouping. I was wondering if anyone has shot remmington though one?
  2. SHOOTER13

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  3. billingsdave

    billingsdave Copper BB

    I have not had my T-Bolt that long, but I have tried about every 17 ammo out there. Surprisingly, the most accurate so far has been CCI A17 followed closely by Hornady V-Max. The A17 is dirty stuff though!
  4. Plumas

    Plumas Copper BB

    Being forced into lead-free by our all knowing state (ca) I have found that the Hornady NTX is as accurate as the V-Max...unfortunately they don't impact to the same point of aim.
    They do just a smidgen better than the CCI TNT 'green' but even they are running an average of 3/4" or better at 100 yards. They do group close enough to be interchangeable in the field.
    They both chrono at 2650 while the CCI V-Max shows 2725.
    Now the problem is finding the lead-free at any price. Just not a lot on the shelves and 'we' can't mail order any more.

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