Solid frame SA 22 need help??

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    I have purchased a FN Herstal made in Belgium with a Browning depose patient. One thing different from the rest of the SA 22 that where made by FN for Browning this one is not a takedown it has a solid frame. I have checked with Browning and they have no information on this gun. I have tried to contact FN but can not get a reply. Does anybody know where to find any information about this gun. It has a serial number of F929xx. I think FN made some solid frame guns before they began exporting them to the US.
    time frame maybe between 1951-1956, any help would be greatly appreciated..
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    I think production of these guns started before WWI but importation to the US didn’t begin until the late 50’s. So it’s possible that your rifle is over 100 years old. But in 1924 FN started stamping a date code on barrels. Here’s a list:
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    Thank you, I will look at the proofs and codes on the gun and see if I can find anything. ...........After taking the forearm off and looking with a magnifier I found one proof, that did not look like any that were in the article. The proof was a crown on top of an oval with the letters PV in the oval with a line drawn between the P and the V, the line split the letters and at the bottom of the line had three more lines, like arrow feathers. Nothing else, no markings, on the receiver no markings, just the numbers on the under side of the barrel in front of the forearm, F929xx. If I can get some photos and put on here maybe that will help.
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