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Discussion in 'Browning Semi-Auto 22 Rifle' started by The Happy kaboomer, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. The Happy kaboomer

    The Happy kaboomer New Member

    Does anyone make a scope mount for my SA-22 that screws to the barrel and spans the rear sight. I know Weaver makes the #60a but it seem too short to mount a regular scope on. I'd really rather not remove the rear sight on my old Belgian.
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Sorry...can't help you with that problem....but rest assured some member here will soon be able to help. Stay tuned !!
  3. Billythekid

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  4. Steve Thompson

    Steve Thompson New Member

    The Leupold base still needs some milling to clear the sight. Lots of reports of Dremeling the underside for clearance. I just purchased an SA-22 and, after much research, went with the Browning version. Two things came up in mu research: the aforementioned clearance issue and reports are that the Leupold mount sits further forward, making proper eye relief with (funny enough) the Leupold rimfire scopes tough to achieve.

    I mounted a VX-1 2-7x28 with Browning rings and base and love it. Used a brass punch to tap the rear sight out and it drifted out really nice. I couldn't be happier.
  5. GaryO

    GaryO New Member

    Did you use low or medium height rings?
  6. dv808

    dv808 Member

    I believe the Browning rimfire rings are only available in one height.

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  7. GaryO

    GaryO New Member

    I was thinking about Talley rings (low).....

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