Scope base and rings ID ?

Discussion in 'Browning BLR Rifle' started by Ken, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Ken

    Ken .22LR

    Can anybody identify this scope base and ring set ? , it came with my BLR when I
    bought it ( had low grade scope at the time ) then put a new Leupold on the rifle . DSC02970.JPG DSC02971.JPG DSC02972.JPG DSC02973.JPG
  2. MZ5

    MZ5 .270 WIN

    Doesn't that "R" stand for Redfield?
  3. Ken

    Ken .22LR

    That's what I always thought , but I don't recall ever seeing a Redfield logo looking
    like this one ...
  4. Rob poston

    Rob poston .270 WIN

    They have to be Redfield/Leupold rings. The style of ring you have is called a "Leupold Standard (STD)". It is designed to have the front lock in by rotating 90*, while the rear rings have a groove on either side that holds the rings to the base with adjustable screws. This allows you to adjust your scope's windage upon initial installation to get you close to the correct windage setting. This requires minimal adjustment of the reticle at the turret, thus allowing maximum range of scope adjustment in the field.
  5. Setters4life

    Setters4life .270 WIN

    Redfield base.
  6. Ken

    Ken .22LR

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