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    I have a wierd black ring about an inch down the bore from the crown. Only on the lands,not on the grooves. So like a dotted line circle all around the inside diameter. It's not damaged. Rubbed it really good with qtip soaked in solvent. Doesn't come off. Didn't snagg the cotton on the q-tip at all. It shows up in these picks I took sort of. Looked different in reel time. When you stand pack and look at the rifling it looks perfect but when you shine a light on it a certain way you can see these dark marks. Any ideas? Browning AB3 Composite Stalker


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    No clue...can't see what you are trying to point out in photos.

    How many rounds down range..,?!

    If it: isn't raised in the barrel...and it doesn't show as a bulge outside the barrel...and it doesn't affect accuracy...

    I say it's not a problem....

    { My 2 cents...}
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  3. what he ^^^^^ said.
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  4. Rob poston

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    Crop circle? ;-)

    Seriously, that is weird.

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