REPAIR: My First Auto-5

Discussion in 'Browning Auto A-5' started by Rudolph31, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. SHOOTER13

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    When the match called for revolver only...6 pins / 6 rounds S&W Model 629 was up to the task too !!


    But wait...I'm sorry.

    This thread is about that beautiful Browning Auto-5 of yours...

    My bad...
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  2. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    Not a problem, Shooter. Look what my wife gave me for my birthday!
    S&W Model 29-10.
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  3. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    I thought I’d add a word about magazine extensions on Auto-5’s. You can buy one that adds 8 rounds, but because the mag is unsupported, I think 3 is the limit (Nordic says 4). Other guns can add a barrel clamp, but the barrel on an Auto-5 reciprocates, so that isn’t possible. Still, an 8 shot Auto-5 is awesome!
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  4. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    This is the new, thick rail Locking Block. Using this part requires a new Breech Block to accommodate the thicker rail.

  5. robert guilliams

    robert guilliams .270 WIN

    Morning all:
    Rudolph31 have you removed and replaced any magazine tubes on the A5. My 36 magazine tube is starting to chip off on the end where the cap screws on. Looks like I will need to make some tools, but looks pretty straight forward. Gonna need barrel extension also. Have old barrel so hopefully it will come off. Just wondered if you had any experience with doing one. This will be my first one on an A5.
  6. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    Changing a mag tube or a barrel extension isn’t something I’d want to try. But Art shows how it’s done here:

  7. robert guilliams

    robert guilliams .270 WIN

    Well not as bad as I thought. Special tool and a little heat and it came right off. Don’t know the torque on these extensions but I would guess a couple hundred foot pounds.
  8. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    It occurred to me, almost a year later, that there’s an extended screw on the mag cutoff that keeps the tube from rotating. So torque isn’t important because you’ve got to line up the holes.
  9. robert guilliams

    robert guilliams .270 WIN

    I agree. Haven’t taken it out yet, but will eventually get it done. I have a Zoli out for re blue that’s been a disaster. Don’t wanna get to many things apart at the same time.

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