Really old Superposed…What to do with it?

Discussion in 'Browning Superposed Shotgun' started by DrDobs55, Mar 27, 2022.

  1. DrDobs55

    DrDobs55 Copper BB

    I recently acquired a pre-war 12-gauge Superposed with serial number “944P”, which I believe was manufactured in 1931. The gun is in pretty good condition (see pics) and has two triggers- each one fires a single barrel. The only issues that I can see on it is a crack in the rib (see red circle in pics). I shot a couple rounds of trap with it on Saturday and it worked wonderfully.
    Im not quite sure what to do with this gun and a few scenarios are bouncing around my head:
    1. Send it to a real Browning expert gunsmith for full restoration to like-new condition, sparing no expense. Is there even a gunsmith with ‘knowledge and expertise in these early guns to do such a restoration?
    2. Have the rib repaired at a local gunsmith
    3. Repair the rib myself (I’m not exactly a novice when it comes to metal fabrication)
    4. Do nothing and leave the gun the way that it has been for the last however many years.
    If anybody would like to weigh in with their thoughts, it would be much appreciated.
    To be honest, I don’t know enough about the value of these guns to know how the various scenarios will affect the value of the gun, so any insights would be very helpful. As is, can anybody give me an approximate value of the gun? I know what the Blue Book says, but I’m really interested in hearing from some of you Browning experts.

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  2. Ranger6

    Ranger6 .30-06

    Very nice sir. If I was going to fix, I would give Art a call and talk to him about doing it. Not sure of value, but from what I've seen they hold their value. I'm sure Art could also give you an idea on that also. Art's number is 636-944-3630
  3. Bruski

    Bruski .410

    Come now, where are all the answers. This is the font of all things Browning.
    We seek the experts or failing that someone with an opinion (hopefully close to truth).
    Let us assist where we can and bring the light of information to illuminate the path to the alter of JMB.
  4. DrDobs55

    DrDobs55 Copper BB

    I appreciate the info. Also, does anybody know conclusively what the “P” in the serial number is for these early guns? I’ve heard multiple theories…
  5. Bruski

    Bruski .410

    BTW... as to suggestions for the gun?
    Fix the rib, there is no reason to believe it will stay as it is.
    Give it a through clean (and lube) both inside and out.
    Lavish it with a gooood oil rub.
    See how it shoots and enjoy it, for these pre-war guns are a joy to own.
    (Maybe avoid a full restoration and let it age with grace and dignity).
    As to the "P" prefix? Take your favoured theory as gospel.
  6. Auzzie

    Auzzie .270 WIN

    Hi Bruski,
    Nice piece you have there .
    Since your only across the ditch from me give Ian Mc Geoch in Albury a call. He is the Southern Hemispheres closer version of Art. He be able to give you few ideas on what to do and what’s worthwhile.
  7. john stevens

    john stevens .22LR

    It appears you have a 1931 (P) for ‘Piege’ (trap) With the non crossfire rib (. An option that did not last long due to lack of interest) the gun has obviously been restocked which will hurt the collector value. But you have a very early example of a great piece of FN / Browning history. Congratulations
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