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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by LAZY EYED SNIPER, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest

    Hairtrigger: I own a S&W 659 in stainless...14+1 rounds. { I made the Zebrawood Grips myself }


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  2. RFalcon

    RFalcon .22LR


    Currently has rubber Hogue grips, however.
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  3. RFalcon

    RFalcon .22LR

    My wilderness rig...

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  4. RFalcon

    RFalcon .22LR

    Sometimes carry the FiveSeveN - without the optic lol. But I started using red dots, a Burris on this one, because of old eyes. I couldnt focus on the front sight blade. Just discovered multi focus contacts, though, and all the red dots are now in the closet unused.

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  5. Depends on the weather and how much I am, or am not wearing.

    Beretta Pico when it's really hot out.
    P365 more often then not...
    P226 Tacops on the rare occasions I can get away with something that big.
    Browning Black Label 1911-380 Medallion Pro Compact - 051913492.jpg
    I'd like to make this little beauty my EDC some day, if Browning can ever make it get through more than a mag or two without a malfunction. I'm trying to remain hopeful, but they're not making it easy.
  6. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    When I was a working man, off duty I carried my own G19 as well as my county issued G18 (Yes, an 18!!!). On duty I carried the G18 and a G26 as a backup. Now that I am retired, I carry a plain ol' G19 and G26, with a spare G19 mag.

    No pics, everyone has seen a Glock 19, 26, and the G18 looked just like a 17C (except for the smile switch on the back of the slide). All Gold Dot ammo.
  7. Trent’s 380

    Trent’s 380 Copper BB

    I’m in hot Fort Lauderdale,Fl
    Love the Yaqui slide for this little Browning 380
    For me nothing like a 1911

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