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Discussion in 'Browning 1911 - 380 Handgun' started by Scott C, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Scott C

    Scott C Copper BB

    300 round review. Not impressed! Here's why: While shooting my way to 300, my Browning 1911 380 jams. I did some research and found that the magazines might be the problem. Tried to bend the lips of the mags only to have the problem continue. I believe that it could be the mags but just the same I paid for Browning quality. "It should not jam!" The second issue I have is the polymer fixed sights. The rear sight is loose. I placed a call to Browning and they said they would email an return postage for me to return for repair. I haven't heard anything from them since. "Is this really Browning Arms?"
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Curious as to how long ago they promised the return postage sticker...
  3. Scott C

    Scott C Copper BB

    It's been over a month since I contacted them. I have since then found a local gunsmith willing to change the sights.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Damn...that's discouraging !!

    I do believe you are right about the magazine lips...others here have had some success bending them themselves...with varying degrees of effect.

    And...you're right...you pay for the Browning Name and the " implied reliability " that should come with it.

    I too would be pissed...

    Me...!? I would call them back and see if they will send you that pre-paid postage or a few mags to cover your righteous disappointment.
  5. Scott C

    Scott C Copper BB

    Too be honest, I am not angry at all. Gun makers are always trying to cheapen up where they can but sometimes it ruins reputations. "Just look at Winchester and Colt!" My advise to anyone wanting the Browning 1911 380 is to pay the extra, extra money and buy one with either the 3 dot combat or night sights but be prepared to spend up to $800.00 tax including.
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    Copy that...

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