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  1. About an Israeli import I own, gave them the serial number and any other marking I thought were pertinent. I told them I suspected my gun was made by FN and this is their answer:
    Hello Stephen,

    Thank you for the email. Your gun is a 1961 and was in fact made in Belgium by FN.

    Browning Customer Service

    > From: bigben1948@mchsi.com
    > Sent: Sunday, August 6, 2017 8:35 AM
    > To: "customerservice@browning.com" <customerservice@browning.com>
    > Subject: Hi Power?
    > I own an Israeli import serial numbered 10363 with a "B" prefix on the slide and grip frame that I would swear was made by FN. Any help here?
    > Stephen G. Bennett Sr.
    > Now I'm pleased as punch!!!
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    That's nice...
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    In spite of the “history” here revolving around “B 10363”, I’ll just keep this simple:
    “B 10363” is absolutely NOT a 1961 FN BHP and it couldn’t be any more obvious...judge for yourself:

    Previously posted pic of “B 10363”:

    Genuine 1961 FN BHP pics:

    Browning Arms website SN (1961 = 93028–109145) database:

    There are so many obvious physical differences…beyond just the SNs, as to make the Browning CS email ludicrous. Of course I’ll delineate them if need be, but I expect a simple comparison using the pics will be sufficient…for anyone.

  4. sub=moa, are you saying there's no sence in believing their email? Sometimes(most of the time) I have trouble unstanding your posts, and you seem to be in doubt of all others posts
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    Keep the discourse CIVIL Gentlemen...or the thread will be closed.
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    OK Shooter; I’ll do my best:

    Precisely because of the "history" with SB...going back to my very first post here on this forum, I kept my above post simple. All one has to do is compare the features/markings/proofs/SN exhibited by his B 10363 with multiple pics of genuine 1961 FN BHPs. I even provided a link to the Browning website to allow independent confirmation of the 1961 FN BHP SN range, proving the pics posted for comparison are of genuine 1961 FN BHPs.

    If SB now requires clarification as to what I meant by; "B 10363 is absolutely NOT a 1961 FN BHP and it couldn’t be any more obvious" and/or "There are so many obvious physical differences…beyond just the SNs, as to make the Browning CS email ludicrous", I’m at a loss.

    For posterity though, I’ll delineate some of the most obvious differences:

    The external extractor found on B 10363 v. the internal extractor found on ALL 1961 FN BHPs...the external extractor was not even considered by FN until 1962, it wasn't approved internally until late summer of 1962 and didn't see regular…but not exclusive, production at FN until 1963.

    The 2 piece barrel found on B 10363 is another dead give-away as ALL 1961 FN BHP were fitted with period standard 1 piece barrels…FN didn’t introduce the 2 piece barrel until the mid-1960s, and then did so gradually.

    The "Hognose" bushing found on B 10363 v. the original flush bushing found on ALL 1961 FN BHPs...the "Hognose" bushing didn't appear on FN BHPs until 1973.

    The fact that SN B 10363 obviously has a "B" prefix...not used by FN, while the genuine 1961 FN BHP SN range ran from 93028 to 109145 without ANY prefix, suffix or other addition.

    The fact that the SN B 10363 is found on the barrel...visible through the ejection port (less the prefix), the slide below the ejection port and the front of the grip...an obvious "tell" indicating a typical FEG P9 based BHP clone, while the genuine 1961 FN BHP has the SN on the slide below the ejection port, the frame directly below that and SN on the barrel SN isn't visible from the outside…FN didn't move the frame SN to the front of the grip until 1971.

    The absence of proofs and FN factory production markings on B 10363 is in stark contrast to the extensive proofs and FN factory markings found all over the exterior of genuine 1961 FN BHPs.

    The slide legend of B 10363…conspicuously not even mentioned by SB in his email to Browning CS, is the typical FEG P9 based "J.O. Israel Arms LTD..." Israeli BHP clone v. the Fabrique Nationale or Browning Arms slide legend of genuine 1961 FN BHPs.

    Those are all based upon pics of the exterior of B 10363 as compared to the exterior views of genuine 1961 FN BHPs, internally there are easily identifiable differences as well.

    As far as SB’s comment; ”Sometimes(most of the time) I have trouble unstanding your posts”:

    I’m not sure if that has to do with writing style or reading comprehension. Granted, I try to jam a great deal of information into a small space…simply because discussing the “BHP” is often complicated…and there is a great deal of misinformation out there. But, I will point out that innumerable people on several different BHP specific forums have had no trouble understanding, actively seeking out and then relying upon, my detailed posts…for many years.

    As far as “you seem to be in doubt of all others posts”:

    Actually no, I’ve not been “in doubt of all others posts”, but I’m not afraid to politely…often bending over backwards to do so, comment on occasion when that “great deal of misinformation out there” raises its ugly head…as it has here.

    There, civil…as directed…
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    Thanks...I know you deliberated that concise reply since yesterday.
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    Well that ^^^ is MOST appreciated Shooter.

    Thank you Sir :D.....
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