Newest adoption..BDA .380 Nickel plated

Discussion in 'Photo And Video Gallery' started by Konko, Nov 28, 2020.

  1. Konko

    Konko Copper BB

    Just adopted this creature, 98% oem finish, two mags, fully functional and in perfect function condition. Looked everywhere for fans and info and no much luck...wondering actual value of specimen, already replaced the lost grip medallion...paid $250.00 for her. 20200806_135005[1].jpg 20200806_163029[1].jpg
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  2. win7stw

    win7stw 20g

    Congrats that’s a beauty
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  3. Lubers

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    Nice BDA had one about five years ago was a nice shooting gun, as my eyes got worse it was hard seeing the sights so I sold it and bought a Sig P238 with a laser. I believe I also have an owners manual in my safe that I forgot to send along when I sold the gun, if your interested in it I'll send it your way for just the postage cost. I sold mine for 550.00 it was in almost perfect condition.
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