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Discussion in 'Browning Superposed Shotgun' started by Aussie Matt, Feb 16, 2022.

  1. Aussie Matt

    Aussie Matt Copper BB

    G’day from Australia to fellow Browning/Superposed members, so great to have found this site. I’m a bit of guns novice and looking for some help/ feedback with some restoration work required for a recently inherited Superposed.

    I was lucky enough to have inherited one of these beauty’s from my grandfather, I’ve discovered with a bit of online research that its a 12ga Superposed, FC in walnut finish with C2 Pattern engraving by the master engraver Van Laa (sig engraved both sides), serial no. 70,*** which I believe makes its build year as 1959?

    Its completely original and hasn’t been used in over 20 years, despite the lack of use it looks to be in good/ great condition EXCEPT for some signs of residual or rust around the top plate and near the trigger.

    My question is, whats the best way to get this baby cleaned and restored without damaging the original and intricate engraving? Is there a special method or cleaning material required? Anything I need to be careful of? Any assistance appreciated, just worried the rust spots might spread if I dont get it looked at soon.

    Apologies upfront if this is a dumb question, as i said i new to the whole gun scene. I’m not planning on attempting to try restoring this myself but just want an idea of whats involved so i dont come across as a complete twit when I approach a gunsmith to look at it.

    Will post pics below.


    Aussie Matt

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  2. Bruski

    Bruski .410

    I'm sure one of the better informed members will post soon enough.
    A fine looking gun and I trust it will shoot as good as it looks.
    Congrats and cheers B.
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  3. Ranger6

    Ranger6 Administrator Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator

    Welocme sir< very nice superposed. I would see if there is a browning service center over there. If you could get it to Art, he would be the person to restore it. I would assume it would be very expensive. There is a member here that goes by Auzzie, he is in your neck of the woods and I'm sure he could point you in the right direction. You may want to PM him.
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  4. Aussie Matt

    Aussie Matt Copper BB

    Cheers Ranger6, appreciate the guidance, ill try PMing Auzzie.
  5. win7stw

    win7stw .30-06

    Beautiful gun and welcome to the site
  6. Anatidae

    Anatidae .410

    'Aussie Matt'

    Welcome to the site and Thanks for sharing a bit about your nice FN C2 Grade (commonly referred to as a Grade F in your country).

    Absolutely lovely example in excellent shape - a gun I'm sure was your grandfather's pride and joy.

    Check your private messages or 'conversations' as I have provided some information for you, there.

    The graveuse was in fact, Mme Lea Van Laar and it IS from 1959.

    Personally, unless you know a competent and sensitive restoration 'specialist' (not a highly touted repairman), I would not let anyone touch this gun.

    Most people don't know it, but there's as much difference in 'restoration' and 'preservation', as there is in 'gunsmithing' and 'repair'. Which course you pursue depends on the degree of damage to original metal finishes and how much the owner (AND his chosen 'craftsman') knows about the correct finishes (and how to accomplish them) and how original he wants to keep the gun.

    Some 'preservation' techniques (often mistaken for 'restoration') are inevitable in more severe cases, and can effectively destroy the original finish and ultimately, the gun's originality and (in most cases) collector value.

    'Restoration' means being sensitive to what 'original' is (using that as your standard of quality, or goal) and returning the gun to 'as close to' that standard as your research, knowledge, and TRUE craftsmanship allows.

    If it were my gun, I would leave it 'as is' and just keep it lightly oiled. The original condition is part of its history and character. There are enough guns that have been 'got-at' in the wrong hands.
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  7. john stevens

    john stevens .22LR

    Congratulations on inheriting your grandfathers shotgun and the added bonus of it being a Superposed.
    This is excellent information above and if I may add , if you do decide you wish to go forward with restoration in the future. Please take the time to study examples of FN’s work ( both wood and metal finishes. One other thing to consider is the references you receive for the work you desire. Very often you will hear people tout the abilities of someone ( sometimes repeatedly) this does not make them ‘ experts” unless the person giving the reference has A) had that person do work for them and B) has the knowledge to know what ‘correct’ is.
    Bear in mind ,they only made so many C2’s and only one was your grandfathers . Best of luck whatever you decide !
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  8. Auzzie

    Auzzie .270 WIN

    Hi fellow Aussie Matt,
    I only noticed this tonight so better late than never. There are only really two people down under you can trust with this one.
    Ian Mc Geoch In Albury or Rodney Hotham in Tamworth . Either of these guys are the Browning masters here in Aust and will be able to do your lovely old C2 the justice it deserves.
    I have had both do full rebuild work for me on Superpose before and workmanship is top notch.
    Good luck. That is a really nice example certainly worthy of the attention.
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  9. Aussie Matt

    Aussie Matt Copper BB

    Thanks for this advice, ive been working interstate for a while so havent had a chance yet to do get it looked at. I might try the Albury guy you’ve mentioned just to have a look at the rust near the trigger guard. The common feedback is to do as little as possible with it and keep in original condition as possible so that will be my plan. Will post a pic or 2 again post cleanup
  10. Auzzie

    Auzzie .270 WIN

    You won’t go wrong taking it to Ian in Albury. He does not have a shop front and is appointment only.
    PH is 02 6043 3563. Keep us posted how it goes
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