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    Hello, I have a 50-year-old Remington Fieldmaster pump .22 rifle that my father gave me. I used to go plinking out in the woods with my two brothers (Dad gave them identical Rem .22 rifles) - we shot everything, it was a blast. Last Christmas, I purchased a Ruger 10/22 for my wife, and she was blown away. I liked it so much, I purchased a Kidd custom 10/22 for target shooting. I put a 4x fixed scope on it, and with my old eyes I can put 10 rounds through a hole the size of a quarter at 50 yards. Great fun. My last purchase was a Browning Buck Mark which I just mounted a red dot on top. Now that .22 bulk ammo prices have come down I head out to the range several times each month shootin’ paper. Looking forward to learning a lot from the loyal contributors on this forum.
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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum Joe !!

    Enjoy our community...

    XDMBOB .270 WIN

    Welcome to the forum Joe!

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