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Discussion in 'Browning Hi Power Handgun' started by tex45acp, Feb 16, 2022.

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    I found this forum a while back and was just accepted. I bought this 9mm Hi Power new about 12 years ago, if I remember correctly. It was my first 9mm handgun. I changed out all the internals with Cylinder & Slide parts. as well as the hammer and safeties. The sights were also changer to tritium night sights. The grips came from Brownells. It is one of my favorite carry weapons and I love that it will fit most of my leather holsters designed for a 1911.
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    Nice looking pistol!
    Great choice for carry... me too!


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    I'm not one to waste an opportunity to share pictures...

    For holsters, I've become fond of Privateer Leather.

    For my High Powers I like the OWB Corsair and the IWB Cutthroat. The two pictured below were custom made for my Alloy Detective High Power and fit like gloves. The Detective is in the black Corsair while a full size MKlll is held in the Cutthroat, my first Privateer.

    *The third pistol pictured is a Sig P238 Legion, also in a black Corsair.



    Privateer Holsters.jpg
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