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  1. John P. Noe

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    Hello out there. I recently spent the day on a Sporting Clay shoot with a dozen guys and had so wanted to use my Father-in-Law's 1989 Citori but could not get the forearm to mate properly with the barrel lug. The disassembly latch would not close flush with the forearm. No amount of jiggling or realignment would help. One of the older gents opined that he had had a similar problem with one of his Citori models also.

    Any suggestions or is this destined to be a showpiece Grade VI that I can't take into the field?

    John P. Noe
    Newbie shooter
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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum !!

    Enjoy our community...
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    Howdy, welcome to the club.
    Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.
    Please, feel free to chime in on any conversation, anywhere, and let us know if you have any questions.


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