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    Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, moved to Idaho in 1980. Retired a few years ago after 24 blissful years as a county deputy on the SWAT team as a sniper. (Before that a gunsmith, certified machinist and welder.)
    Got my first A5 back at the gun shop I worked at (in Peoria,Il ) in about 1977. That was somewhere around 15-20 A5s ago!! I "collect" only Belgium A5s, although there may or may not be one lone Japanese one in one of my safes. (What was I thinkin' ?)

    In my very humble opinion, (Belgium) Browning A5 shotguns have something no other shotgun has----a "soul". There is something about them-- their lines, the feel, the sheen, the recoil, the history-- that instills a warmth in my heart. I own a couple of hundred guns, including some class 3 stuff, but none of the others have that "soul".
    Admittedly the vast majority of my A5s are in fact safe queens, but in the last couple of years (since I retired) I have added another shooting discipline to my hobbies---sporting clays and 5 stand. I now have about three different A5s that I choose from when I shoot clays. It is as much fun to talk to guys wondering about "that ol' Browning" than it is actually breaking clay birds! Especially when I tell them that particular shotgun is 80 years old!
    I have tried to learn as much as I can possibly absorb about A5s, but alas, it is just like when I got my HAM license, the more I have learned, it turns out the less I know. I have a pretty good recall on the serial numbers, so I can pick one up and date it within a few years before I have to pull out my phone and actually look up the number for an exact year.

    Thank you for allowing to me to become a member, I will stay in my lane and make no waves.
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    Welcome, Bill. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your collection!


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