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    I purchased my first BPS in 1984. Browning had just announced the invector choke system and I bought the one of two of the first such manufactured guns that came into the state of TN. It was a well made shotgun with perfect fit and finish. That shotgun served me well for several years.

    Fast forward to February 2016. I just purchased a new BPS from my LGS. They had to order it because they did not have one in stock. I took delivery this past Monday.

    The blueing is great but, the butt stock fit to the receiver is, IMO, not up to what I have come to expect from Browning. The stock is very "proud" where it intersects with the receiver. It is as thick as a dime and not quite as thick as a penny but, it is very noticeable.

    It looks like something that I would have done in shop class back in the day so, should I contact customer service or will it do any good?

    Thank you in advance for your answer(s) and comment(s).
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    ( I would contact customer service...but, didn't you have a chance to inspect it before you paid the balance and walked away with it...?! )
  3. tn hp

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    Yes, I inspected it and noticed the issue immediately. The owner of the LGS is a friend and client of mine. He stated that he might be able to send it back to the distributor however, since he was doing me a favor, I did not want to place the burden on him.

    Perhaps I will revisit that issue with him. I do know that larger "big box" gun sellers place responsibility on the manufacturer on issues similar to this one. If I had been at a "big box" store to purchase the shotgun, they may have had additional examples in the back. That was not the case in this situation.
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    No friend of mine would sell me a gun with an issue...but, your choice.

    Let us know what Browning does to make it right...
  5. tn hp

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    I don't disagree with your statement. The lack of a through inspection is my fault, not his.

    Browning customer service is going to take care of the issue. I contacted them yesterday and they could not have been more helpful.

    Thank you all for your input.
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    That's great news...we look forward to seeing a few pictures and hearing a range report when she comes back from Browning !!
  7. tn hp

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    Just for the sake of "before and after" here are some photos of the problem area before the BPS is sent back to Browning's repair center in Missouri.

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    I see what you mean with the stock...that is unacceptable.

    I hope your wait is a short one...
  9. SOG

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    I would be sending that one back. I have 4 BPS's and none of the stocks fit to the receiver like that.

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  10. tn hp

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    The BPS is back from Browning's repair center in Arnold, MO. The wood around the stock is still a little "proud" but, it is uniform and the gap between the stock and the receiver is gone. All in all, I am pleased with the repair and Browning's response.

    I sent the BPS to them by USPS on 2-12-16 and it was returned via UPS yesterday, 2-14-16. This was, IMO, a very fast and prompt turnaround time.

  11. Nyhcbri

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    I received mine from the dealer today and noticed the same issue after I got home. Being my first gun I'm not 100% on what to look for. I saw the gun for all about 3 minutes before it went back in the box.
  12. Nyhcbri

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    Still looks off to me, are they all like that, can anyone confirm this?
  13. tn hp

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    I've seen two other new BPS shotguns within the past month. One had similar issues and had wood near the receiver "line" that was proud. The other one looked okay but, is nothing like the wood to metal fit of the 70's or 80's.
  14. Nyhcbri

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    Browning sent an email stating this is normal. Here's a pic

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