1. Irishduckhunter

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    I wanted to get some feedback from owners of the new A5. I have owned a new A5 in MODB, 28" since October 2012. My use of the gun has been exclusively field work, 90% waterfowl and 10% upland. Wondering if they encountered possible cycling problems or malfunctions with the bolt latch. I love the gun in terms of the way it shoots and swings but performance has been a little lacking. In addition to the A5, I currently own two Auto-5s from the thirties, three 12 ga Silvers, one 12 ga. Gold and a Citori so I am proud Browning fan. Thank you.
  2. Billythekid

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    Havent had the chance to shoot the New A5 yet but curious to know as well what the feedback has been on it. I think A5 is going to be the next browning added to the collection but not sure if it is best to go New or old.
  3. SHOOTER13

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  4. Went to corpus cristi for redheads last year in a salty enviroment - new model A5 worked as it should except on the 3rd day i noticed the bolt wasn't always completely closing. Sprayed a shot of G96 on the part that rotates - problem solved. OTW back home to GA i got to thinking about this oil i use on my fishin reels - quantum hot sauce - supposedly it bonds with metal if you believe add brags that is - anyways it seems to help my reels and so far the A5 is cycling as it should. Hope that helps
  5. Bill Idaho

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    Buy another safe now!!
  6. Doug Lykins

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    I have two A5s, a 12 ga and a sweet 16. The 12 has had an intermittent problem with the bolt locking open as though it is empty when there is in fact A round wanting to come up from the magazine. This occurred maybe 2-3 times per 100 rounds. I finally sent it in to Browning in Arnold. Other than that, I really like these shotguns. They come up fast and hit where I look. The 16 came new with no lube on the rails or anywhere else so my first outing with it the gun didn’t cycle well. Lubed it and it cycles flawlessly.

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