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    I just picked up a 1911-22 a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it's a fun little shot. I am newish to shooting and have been using a .45 to practice with and it's a little much for me to get the fundamentals with so the husband suggested a .22. Since I love 1911s, when I saw the Browning it was love at first sight. It fits perfectly in my grip and since there is little recoil I am having a lot more luck with not shooting to the left like I do with my .45.

    So far I have about 150 rounds down range with it. I had 1 stovepipe, and a couple of failure to feed, but otherwise it has been very good to me. I was hoping to get to the range this weekend but we are expecting snow so I don't know if that will happen.

    I love the way this gun feels in hand so much I ordered a .380 as well, which should hopefully be in within the next week.

    Here's a pic of my .22.

  2. Congratulations on your new acquisiton. Good looking gun it is! I paid a lot extra for the model with fiber optic sights and WISH I had gotten the one you have. I think it is much better looking than the dorky looking gray color slide that came on mine.

    My 1911-22 was way off - high and to the right. Moving the rear sight brought to to center but still way high. Finally it got sent back to browning and they "recalibrated the barrel" whatever that means and now it shoots to point of aim. BUT most of the time the slide will not lock back when the magazine is empty. I've not had any other gun that wouldn't go to slide lock when mag empties when you shoot it.

    I had to put thin plastic shims under each side of the grips to make the total grip size a tad bit "fatter." Could use a little more thickness but I'm afraid the screws would not be long enough to hold the grip panels firmly in place.

    I REALLY like the look of those grips on your 1911-22 model. I have a friend who makes custom holsters for me and IF he gets through some tough stuff with family and building a new house....and has time to make me an Avenger style holster with no cant, I might see if I can pick up a 1911-380 also for a really nice carry gun. ALTHOUGH I have a SIG P238 Rainbow which I totally love and it is my "all dressed up barbecue gun."

    The best thing about both models is that the same holster fits both. Not the magazines though, unfortunately. I have way, way too much money invested in extra magazines for each gun I own. I suppose I only really need two if I never intend to shoot it in any competition. But enuf of that stuff.

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