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Discussion in 'Browning A-Bolt Rifle' started by Hammershot, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Hammershot

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    Dummy me - I inadvertently snapped the trigger off of my original A Bolt (Composite Stalker- 30.06) on the edge of my workbench when I was taking it out of the stock to glass bed it!!! (Can't believe that those triggers are plastic and not some kind of metal!)

    I have tried in vain to find a replacement trigger on the internet with no luck. There are a few suppliers that have them listed but everyone seems to be out of stock with no idea when they will get more. I called Browning and they will not sell just the triggers and require you to send the entire gun in to them for a estimate. (They will not even send a trigger to a gunsmith for professional installation either.) This seems to me to be a very complicated "fix" for a very simple problem.

    Does anyone have a source for triggers? Is Browning the only way to get one? Thanks for your help with this.
  2. Rudolph31

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  3. Hammershot

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    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, these triggers will not work since the only ones that Midwest has in stock are for the Micro models. I am somewhat surprised that they use a different trigger but evidently so as the description specifies them for the Micros and not for the regular sized A Bolts.
  4. Hairtrigger

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    I have one. Pleas pm me
  5. Hammershot

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    Thanks for the reply. I definitely want it but am new to the forum and and still trying to figure out how to send a pm to you. Don't see the pm button.
  6. Hairtrigger

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    I just texted you

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