My impression of my new 1911 380.

Discussion in 'Browning 1911 - 380 Handgun' started by Scott Seibert, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Scott Seibert

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    I am not a big gun guy but have owned a number of hand guns and rifles over the years. When we sold our stix and brix about 6 years ago and started to live full-time in our motor-home, I sold all of my firearms and purchased a Ruger SP-101 revolver and a Marlin 1894 lever actioin rifle as my personal protection firearms. Both chambered for 38 Spec and 357 Magnum. I have been carrying my Ruger from time to time, as we travel, and determined that it was too big and too heavy for everyday carry. A few weeks ago, as we were sitting around a pick nick table, a friend pulled out his Black Label Medallion Pro and upon holding it I decided that I had to have one. Just felt great in my hand.

    It arrived last week and have put about 350 rounds through her so far. Have shot all kinds of ammo through her and have no complaints. I would like to say that my groupings were within a 3" circle at any distance at the range, but I hit the target pretty much where I wanted. During those 2 range visits I had a couple of FTF and 1 FTE. All in all a pretty good showing.

    I find the pistol lovely to hold and shoots very smooth. I think it is more accurate than I am capable of shooting. When I get some more rounds through her I hope she will become my EDC.

    For the last 6 to 8 months I have been bouncing around the small Rugers, Kimbers, Sigs and every other firearm manufacturer in that Compact/Subcompact class in 380 as well as 9mm and decided on the Black Label. Then it was just a matter of deciding which model I wanted and how much it would cost. I did spend more than I wanted to pay. Just a hair under $600. Also purchased a couple of extra mags so I will have 4.

    Just wanted to thank this forum membership for sharing their experiences with their small caliber sidearms - both positive and negative.

    BTW - I did research the heck out of this purchase and spent a fair bit of time with a great Tech at Browning regarding all of the positive and negative reports on this weapon.

    Thanks again y'all. :-D
  2. Flintknapper

    Flintknapper .22LR

    I like the pistol but very much dislike the fact that there is pretty much no aftermarket support for it (at present) and except for springs, magazines and maybe can't get anything from Browning either. You have to send the pistol in for most replacement parts.
  3. It seems to me that since this pistol has been on the market for several years now there should be more after market support for it beside a few (FEW!) holsters and dozens of places that make grips for it. It seems that not many people are buying either the 1911-380 or the 1911-22 or there would be more after market "stuff."

    I'm going to make more phone calls this week AGAIN to see if I can get through to Browning since last week "no one lived there" last week, or that is how it seemed. My fiber optic sights are mismatched. It is not me: I had other people shoot it from bench rest and standing in addition to the over 400 rounds I've put through it myself. It shoots close to 3" high at around 8 yards and that is ridiculous. At 15 yards it shoots a lot higher than that.

    I really want to like this gun! I'm basically having to shoot it almost one handed, with support hand being more of a useless teacup grip due to the grip being SO SKINNY. I have the full size version, gray slide. I'll probably spend some bucks to buy fatter/thicker grip panels from the one place on line that has them and hope that helps
  4. cavelamb

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    The only part that may need periodic replacement is the spring guide.
    Depending on the ammo used?

    I was shooting Aguila SSS (60 grain!) in my 1911-22 and chewed the guide rod up some.
    Was thinking this is a perfect part for a 3D printer to make.

    Anybody got a printer???

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