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  1. I bought this BHP from Classic. It had a bad paint job, scratched up grips and the trigger was pretty bad. I stripped off the paint from the slide and re-blued it. The frame is aluminum so I took it to a guy in Wheatfield Indiana who sand blasted the old paint off and ceracoated in. I added an extended safety and a sear and hammer form Cylinder & Slide. The magazine safety was also removed. The trigger is great now and breaks at ~6lbs. I then removed the hump from the feed ramp and polished it. It will now feed HP ammo. I’m super happy with this pistol. All I need to do now is find a way to put better sights on it.




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    Mr. Brown your BHP had a rebirth and it's looks great. I also bought one from Classic but I hide in the back of the safe. It was my 8th BHP plus 1 mint FEG clone. I've considered refinishing the Classic gun but I'm old school and have resisted. I hope you don't mind my asking but what kind of costs am I looking at if I do? Again, very nice job.
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    I've since acquired another mid '70s BHP that is in 99%+ condition so I had no qualms as far a refinishing the Classic pistol. I reblued the slide myself so the cost was zero. The frame cost $60 for the sand blasting and Cerakote. I don't know if this info helps, good luck.
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    Thanks for the refinishing info. My Classic BHP is solid mechanically & pitting, scratch, ding free. I may have to take my black sheep out of the safe and give refinishing a try. As I mentioned yours looks great. Ed
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    Woo. That looks much better. Are those new grips or did you sand em smooth?
  6. The grips are brand new. This is my new EDC.
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    James M Brown,

    I just had Meprolight sights put on my FM Detective slide/Alloy frame carry gun. I sent the pistol to BHSS (Indiana). Dovetail cuts were made for Mark 3 style Meprolight sights. BHSS did the refinishing.

    Picture attached. The sights glow well in the dark.

    Alloy 3.jpg Alloy 2.jpg
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  8. That's awesome. I just sent them a message asking if they could do that to mine.

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