My 1974 BLR - 100 yd

Discussion in 'Browning BLR Rifle' started by jcbikes, Jun 21, 2017.

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    100_6843.JPG 100_7115.JPG 100_7116.JPG Just wanting to share a few pics of my pride and joy and how it can shoot groups at 100 yds. Chambered in 243 win. Simmons 3x9x40 scope. 100 gr. perfecta ammo. Center to center measures 3/8". Purchased the BLR a little over a year ago from the original owner that had shot very few rounds thru it. was a safe queen.
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    Very Nice Rifle...!!

    Awesome Group !!
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    Beautiful rifle and a great shooter. Awesome group!
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    What kind of one piece scope mount are you using? I have Weaver mounts on mine and they only offer two piece mounts. I'm having a hard time keeping them tight. I think a one piece would be better.

    Also, is your recoil pad original? My .308 BLR 81 with steel receiver was made in 1984 and has a rather thin and dried out recoil pad. Can't find a new pad that will fit it.

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    [/ATTACH] 100_6854.JPG 100_6811.JPG
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    Damn good shape for being built in 1974...
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    Pic of the recoil pad. It says Browning on the face. 100_6805.JPG


    I had 308 made in Japan and it would put 2 shots in the same hole at 100 yards but the next one would go 1" higher, I just figured it had a built in lead and I was not to concerned about 3 shots at game. Loved that rifle but my step son is left handed so I gave it to him
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    My BLR 358 Win. at 100 yards. I was lucky that day.

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