Muzzle-Brake on A-Bolt II?

Discussion in 'Browning A-Bolt Rifle' started by TheMoose, Mar 2, 2015.

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    I came home from a LGS this weekend with a very lightly used Browning A-Bolt II Medallion chambered in 300 Win. Mag. It is almost too pretty to shoot, I have always opted for less fancy, but this one looked sweet and I was looking to buy my first .300 WM... I'm an old geezer(66) and looking to do some shooting at my local club out to 600 yards or so and if successful will be looking at the rifle for a long range deer or elk rifle... I shot it for the first time today to put it on paper... I have no problem with it's recoil( I have loaded and shot over 1,000 12 ga slugs over the years and have had .338, 264 and 45-70's and being bigger than the average bear doesn't hurt)... almost all of my shooting and hunting is solo and the barrel jump is noticeable... would you suggest adding a break to reduce it so that I may better stay on target? I would like to keep the barrel's appearance and don't want to hang a "boat anchor" on the end of it... Any suggestions on what brake to use or good smith located in South Central PA. would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum TheMoose !!

    I'm sure other members will opine on the muzzle break for your A-Bolt II...

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