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  1. Frank Kalisz

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    The browning.com site has a lot of nice parts lists and schematic diagrams for many of their products but not for AB3. Owners Manual for AB3 says there is a parts list on browning.com website but I cannot find it.

    Been frustrated as I’d been trying to contact browning technical service but they have been less than helpful to date. They say they will not provide AB3 schematic diagram for “liability” reasons and it seems they will not provide any parts list at all. Am not sure what they mean by “liability” because I just want same for AB3 as they have already posted for many of their other products.

    I am concerned that their technical service might be a dead end for me. Does anyone have a point-of-contact with whom I can elevate this issue in Browning organization?
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  3. Frank Kalisz

    Frank Kalisz Copper BB

    I just received a note from Browning advising they will provide a schematic and parts list in a couple days. That would work for me because I am otherwise very pleased with my AB3 rifle.
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  4. Frank Kalisz

    Frank Kalisz Copper BB

    Regarding the devices for sale on Midway, I already have the Browning 1-inch integrated scope rings and they are a really great product - they fit my Leupold VX3i 2.5-8 scope and it holds zero perfectly. The other things they have like Limbsaver butt stock pads are something I’ll never need because my rifle in 308win doesn’t have much perceptible recoil - I credit the rifle design for that.

    What I am looking from Browning is an internal parts list and schematic diagram. I certainly hope I’ll never need any internal parts replaced but I consider that information a necessity in case something goes wrong.
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