Magic 30-06 bullet?

Discussion in 'Browning X-Bolt Rifle' started by cupton, Aug 17, 2017.

  1. cupton

    cupton .410

    Just curious as to what your X-Bolts in .30-06 like and don't like. I settled on the Hornady American Whitetail 150 gr for my Stainless Stalker and I've been happy with the results on paper, but I've never actually tried a heavier bullet other than 155 gr. I've tried Browning BXR 155 gr, Federal Power Shok 150 gr and Federal Fusion 150 gr. Anyone use and happy with a heavier bullet? I was going to try some 165 and some 180 gr offerings before hunting this year to see how they perform.

    Just thought I'd ask to see what you all have been happy with and what works for you.

  2. Wren1911

    Wren1911 .22LR

    I would pickup a few boxes of ammunition, go shooting and see what it likes.I believe your rifle is a 1-10 twist,it should have no problem stabilizing much heavy bullets.My .308's are also a 1-10,but due to lead free laws I've only got 2 choices for hunting 150 or 165.I been feeding 185's to my ruger RPR .308 1-10 twist,but it's only hunting paper.I need to pickup some 168's and 175's it may actually group better with the lighter grain bullets.
  3. cupton

    cupton .410

    Im going to try some Hornady Custom 165's and the Hornady Superformance 165's and also the 180 gr offering of the American Whitetail I am currently using. If Im feeling really saucy I might splurge for the Precision Hunter just to see. Can you tell I like Hornady?

    Ive only hunted paper myself. Haven't had any luck the past couple of years here in Pennsylvania hunting whitetail. So paper is all i can get. Funny how the deer are more plentiful than squirrels where I live every other time of the year but yet when it goes time to find them in November all I see and hear are crickets. ;)
  4. Wren1911

    Wren1911 .22LR

    Sounds like you do,I mainly run federal.Im probably gonna run the Barnes ttsx Lead free for hunting.Your lucky lead free ammo is pricey and choices are limited.
  5. cupton

    cupton .410

    The Browning BXR shot pretty nice and now thats becoming more plentiful around these parts. I had to order it online when I first tried it. I just like to buy what is readily available locally and Hornady seems to be everywhere where around here.
  6. Joel

    Joel Copper BB

    I've been extremely pleased with my precision hunter rounds in 6.5 CM. Grouped exceptionally. Killed dead.

    I hunted with BXC 185s last year in 30-06. Far side hole was about like a baseball

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  7. Planetcat

    Planetcat .410

    My BAR shortrac in .308 and Winchester xpr .308 both shoot 180 grain Federal blue box soft points like a lazer beam. Fusions are almost as good. Accuracy decreases for me as the bullet weight gets lighter. My Benelli R1 .30-06 also like those rounds in 180 grain.
  8. My '06 likes 180's better than lighter bullets.

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