M2 vs mk 3.

Discussion in 'Browning BAR Rifle' started by spurgon, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. spurgon

    spurgon .22LR

    To those who have experience with both models BAR, which do you prefer? I'm considering a Stalker synthetic stock version. Im drawn to it because it's the lightest version. Im older and weight is an issue involved it bringing a rifle into play. I prefer the walnut and steel models for looks but they are heavier. I would like to have open sights but this also involves going with the older heavier models. Opinions if you please!
  2. Steve Solomon

    Steve Solomon Copper BB

    Same ? as above. Does anyone have any idea why they abandoned the shorter actions ("shorttrac")? Seems like a step backwards.
  3. 7.62nato

    7.62nato .22LR

    I have 3 generations of BAR rifles. Top is Mk3 308win. Mid is Mk1 type II 308win. Bottom is Mk2 Stalker 7mm rem mag.

    I prefer the Mk3 for weight and shootability. It is the most "consistent" of the three. I only wish it had irons.

    Bone stock, the Mk1 is 7.6lbs(8.2lbs with scope as pictured) and the Mk3 is 7lbs even. The 7mm is a heavy 8.2lbs. Not crazy heavy but is felt when hungry and on long treks. Both 308s are the exact same length and I really wish Browning did not do away with the shorttrac action. Mk3 has a lot of synthetic so time will tell how long it last but overall I'm happy. She shoots great.

    If I could find a Mk2 Stalker carbine in 308win, this would be the gun. Best of both worlds...iron sights with bottom metal. Only synthetic is the stock. This gun would shed some weight if it were a smaller caliber but unfortunately Ive never seen a mk2 carbine in my part of the world. Hope this helps
  4. E350

    E350 .22LR

    Curious, is the MK3 a Longtrac action?
  5. Steve Solomon

    Steve Solomon Copper BB

    This thread hasn't have any activity for a while, just curious if anyone can add anything to it. I haven't seen any information on what has improved in the Mk3. The elimination of the short action and use of a polymer trigger guard sure seem like "de-provments".

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