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Discussion in 'Browning X-Bolt Rifle' started by gjbugtosser, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Does anyone know who makes the thumb hole stocks that are offered on the X bolt Eclipse models. Does Browning sell the stock only to x bolt owners?
  2. It looks like a Boyd stock which I know a lot about as I reluctantly became a Boyd Dealer. The Black Laminate stock is tougher than almost any stock we know of. If you got a Eclipse thumbhole stock from Arnold Missouri it sure would only fit a X Bolt. Actually all of my intel says the Same stock in the non thumbhole version is more popular! You can buy as a regular customer from Boyd their own proprietary thumbhole model designed to fit other rifle model and brands. However both the XBolt All Weather and the X Bolt Eclipse only are available to Browning as REPLACMENTS and not for any other purpose by contract exclusion. Thumbhole models are very popular as Boyd stocks and other stock and custom rifles. In terms of strictly hunting rifles they are notoriously hard to use in field hunting conditions. For bench rest, target, and Varmint shooting, the thumbhole stock has advantages. Advantage of this exact stock is attractive, extremely weather resistant and more rigid. Boyd calls this stock laminate color Pepper, not the more accepted name of black laminate. It is one of the best stocks made in Thumbhole Laminate. The All Weather X Bolt is the single most MISSED discontinued models!

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