Longtime "Lurker" speaks up!

Discussion in 'New Member Welcome Area' started by ctpete, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. ctpete

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    Hello Browning owners!

    I have been a member for many years but never posted. Well, that changes today.

    Today I bought my second Browning in as many months. The first was a X-Bolt Stalker 26" in .308 that I put a really nice Leupold Mark 4 scope on. As it often happens, my son in Florida asked me to go shopping with him for a new bolt action rifle for a hunting trip he was taking. Instead, I told him to use my X-Bolt and see how he likes it. I sighted in the rifle at 200 yards and then let him have it for his trip. He got a nice deer on his first day. I may have some trouble getting that gun back!!

    Today, I saw a X-Bolt Pro Stainless on an auction site with a 22" barrel in .308. Well they wanted a lot for it but when I checked around I couldn't find one anywhere else. So I pulled the trigger and it is now incoming. I'm not a hunter (unless I had to for survival). My interest is mainly in long range shooting 200-500 yards. From what I have researched, the slightly shorter barrel should not have a material affect on accuracy in that range.

    I've been a pistol shooter all my life and now that I am retired I'm spending much more time with IDPA and enjoying that. I have also been taking two to three shooting courses each years for a while now covering both combat and defensive pistol and AR15. I love heading up to the SIG Academy in New Hampshire which is only a three hour drive from my home in CT. I've also taken Chuck Taylor courses with the American Small Arms Academy (RIP Chuck!). When I'm at my Florida home, I am a member of the OK Corral Gun Club which keeps me busy practicing for IDPA.

    Well, that's my story in a nutshell. Now I have to figure out what scope to put on this new X-Bolt Pro.

    More to come. Thanks for letting me introduce myself.
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  2. Bill Idaho

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    Southwest Idaho says Hi and welcome. Buy another safe now.
  3. antman73

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    Welcome from Northern New Jersey. Man is it snowing.
  4. gnappi

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    Hi and welcome

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