Light 20 length of pull

Discussion in 'Browning Auto A-5' started by robert guilliams, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. robert guilliams

    robert guilliams .270 WIN

    Anyone know length of pull on a light 20? Made in 60’s
  2. robert guilliams

    robert guilliams .270 WIN

  3. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 20g

    Somewhere in the very back of one of my safes is my Light Twenty. Fat chance I’m going to dig that out...

    But, I did look up the dimensions in the S/V book:

    14 1/4” lenth of pull.
    1 5/8” drop at comb.
    2 1/2” drop at heel.

    LOP changed to 14 1/8”
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  4. robert guilliams

    robert guilliams .270 WIN

    I knew you would know. That’s what I need to know. And I can solve that problem of your light 20 buried in you safe
  5. robert guilliams

    robert guilliams .270 WIN

    Any idea what a 1957 light twenty should be? Mine is 13.5. Wondering if it’s been cut. It’s too short
  6. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 20g

    I’m still not digging out my 20, but I measured two 16’s which are supposed to have the same measurements. Both (a 1924 and a 1948) were 14 1/4”. I also measured a 1953 12 gauge at a hair under 14 1/2”. Looks like yours was cut.

    I’ve included the video so we’re on the same page as to measuring.

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