Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle

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  1. studebaker

    studebaker Member

    The rear site is hard to see now that I wear glasses. Looking for sugestion how fix this. I would like to keep as original as I can. 20171108_163047.jpg 20171108_163208.jpg
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  2. SHOOTER13

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    From what I can make out in only the 1st picture...the rear sight is a fixed (or is it adjustable) buckhorn...

    ( a discontinued 1980's model with a silver blade with brass base front sight...32" octagon barrel )

    And it's hard to see with glasses...!?

    So, your question is...what replacement sight can be substituted...yet keep it "original" looking...!?

    That's a tough one...
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  3. studebaker

    studebaker Member

    the sight is adjustable. 20171110_190921.jpg 20171110_190935.jpg
  4. studebaker

    studebaker Member

    I thought about taking it to a gun smith and moving the rear sight back farther on the barrel. Just not sure if that is a good idea.
  5. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 ON DUTY Staff Member Global Moderator Forum Moderator

    Well...that IS an option I guess.

    Not knowing exactly how bad your eyesight is...

    BTW...that IS a beautiful rifle. Was I right about the front sight and barrel length ?

    What caliber...54 ?
  6. studebaker

    studebaker Member

    .50 cal, front blade sight blade type, rear sight buckhorn adjustable. See pics.
  7. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 ON DUTY Staff Member Global Moderator Forum Moderator

    That's the problem...the pics show me nothing about what I asked.

    Sorry to bother ya... good luck with the sight problem.
  8. studebaker

    studebaker Member

    No bother appreciate your reply. Thank You 20171110_190921.jpg 20171110_190935.jpg
  9. studebaker

    studebaker Member

    Hey shooter13,
    Saw that reply about silver blade front sight. You made think, was the back of the sight silver at one time? So, I painted the back of the blade white. Exchanged my bi-focals for plain glasses and I see the rear and front. Had to trace the back of the buckhorn sight with bright orange paint. This made that front sight stand out. The only set back is targets 70-75 yards are a little blury. So seeing the doc again for another fit for glaases. Yes the barrel is 32 inches long. Thanks again
  10. FJohn

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    That's sure a sweet looking muzzle loader, Studebaker. I think I'd have a hard time bringing myself to modify it by moving that sight. Perhaps have a set of holes drilled for a common scope mount pattern, then make a custom rear sight to screw on those holes? Hopefully the good doc gets your eyes tuned up so you don't need to do that either.

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