Is the BOSS significantly better on .300 Win Mag

Discussion in 'Browning A-Bolt Rifle' started by Cspenser, Feb 10, 2014.

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    I have a L/H stainless stalker .300 Win Mag from the early 90's. Very accurate, one shot kills, has dropped everything upon impact. I came across someone who has the exact same rifle with the BOSS system for sale. Finding a L/H stainless 300 with a BOSS is not something I've seen that often. I was considering picking up this rifle and selling the one I have. I would use the muzzle break feature mostly at the range, then switch to the CR in the field. This is mostly a long range shot rifle for me. I've heard people talk about the accuracy improvement. However I read an article about a Winchester model 70 with the same factory system, they said that there was a noticeable muzzle velocity reduction due the 2.5in rifled barrel reduction to keep the overall barrel length at 26in. The seller is a bit of a drive from me, is it worth the trouble to trade up for the BOSS system?
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    Hey cspenser, welcome to the browning owners community!! I haven't personally used the boss system so sont have much input there but it sounds like a touch call. It seems you have your current a-bolt pretty dailed in, how far out are you normally shooting?
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    Thanks for the reply. This gun will be used mainly for 300+ yard shots. I have been doing all of my hunting with it, but we do a lot of walking on our land, an I'm looking to go to something shorter and a bit more portable for most of my hunting which is under 300, most likely a 308 BLR. My 300 will end up being for long shots and larger game, which I hope to be able to afford to hunt at some point.
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    I have the Abolt stainless stalker Lefthand in .300 win. mag w/BOSS. The BOSS is definitely worth every penny you pay for it. Recoil is reduced to almost .243 level allowing you to concentrate on the shot.
    I did a lot of shooting and finally got a setting with 165 gr. bullets that shot 3 shots under .250, my elk load with 180 gr. with full length sized brass comes in at .520.
    I'm sure you lose some velocity but I've never noticed it. I shot a nice 5X5 bull at a lasered 425 yards that shot through both shoulders and kept on going, dropping the bull in it's tracks. I have taken 3 whitetail bucks at distances in excess of 300 yards. 2 at 400 according to my Leupold scope rangefinder. I didn't conciously think about the distance with any of them, I just shot.
    This is my long range, outwest, rifle. I would be happy if every rifle I owned had a BOSS on it.
    Loud though. That's the only drawback.
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    Love the BOSS!!!
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