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Discussion in 'Browning Auto A-5' started by mike4570, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. mike4570

    mike4570 Copper BB

    Just picked up a clean Invector Plus barrel for my 1964 vintage A5. As I understand it, the Plus barrels are overbored and the regular Invector barrels are not. True or just Gunshow hype?
    Seeing the prices online I did well at $325 with one tube,
    Thanks all.
  2. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    Congratulations on your find. I don’t have a clue whether or not the Plus barrels are overbored, but the whole concept seems like BS to me. I do know the different chokes don’t interchange.
  3. kumpe

    kumpe .410

    AFAIK you're right in that Invector+ barrels are overbore and Invector not.
    Can't say anything about it making much difference outside the theoretical realm, but overbore barrels can cause problems with fibre wads, be aware of that.
    That's the reason I don't want them.
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  4. Ranger6

    Ranger6 .270 WIN

    I have both on my A5s and shoot regularly. See no problems. Have patterned both and a slight difference. Basically it will do its part of you do yours. As far as the wad issue.... I haven’t seen any issue. I reload and use factory wads and some select clay buster wads. Once again you do your part, you will have no issues. There has been some reports that the clay buster wads cause problems with chokes, but CB changed their wad material a while back and as far as I can see it’s fixed. If you fail to clean your choke, like you would your barrel then you will have problems.
    But hey if you don’t want that Invector+ barrel I will take it. Maybe my A5s are special.
  5. Ranger6

    Ranger6 .270 WIN

    And that’s a steal of a deal. Invector or Invector+. That’s about half price from most, I regularly check cause I am looking for 2 more barrels that are under 500. Put that one on your gun and shoot the shit out of it, and don’t look back.
  6. Ranger6

    Ranger6 .270 WIN

    Found a really nice Invector plus barrel for A5. Good deal at 400. Little more then I wanted to spend but, most are around 600+ if you can find one. Can’t wait till it gets here.
  7. mike4570

    mike4570 Copper BB

    A while back, I picked up a Invector Plus 3" Magnum barrel. It's nice that I had a set of tubes for that barrel that will interchange with the 2 3/4" barrel

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