How to Shorten Length of Pull on BAR Mk3 DBM ?

Discussion in 'Browning BAR Rifle' started by E350, Dec 11, 2021.

  1. E350

    E350 .22LR

    Ok, I looked at the Owner's Manual and it addresses shims to raise and lower and to cant, but it does not talk about shortening length of pull which I would like to reduce by 1/4"

    I will take off the butt rubber pad, but would rather leave well enough alone if you tell me that the butt pad isn't a two piece.

    Anyone know?
  2. E350

    E350 .22LR

    Well it kinda looks like it would be two piece.
    But it is not.
    Put a little olive oil on a #2 Phillips screwdriver and the rubber butt pad comes off.
    I wonder if Browning or someone else makes a thinner butt pad?

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